61 John Street, Amityville NY 11701



Your opinion is the most valuable information I have to evaluate how I am seen by my customers.
A lot of auto repair shop owners take for granted that they only have to fix the cars and be fair or competitive with the customers.
I’d like to take this a step further.
When I moved to this new shop, my hopes were that all may customers would follow me, and it has been my greatest disappointment.
Some that live as far away as Manhattan still service their cars with me, taking advantage of the convenience of our proximity to the train station, just few hundred feet.

Others that live close to the old shop, and were regular customers, decided that we are inconvenient for them to drive the four extra miles. For those we offer a Courtesy Shuttle or in some services a free or discounted rent-a-car

The economy in general affected us all; people tend to hold on to their cars longer rather than buying a new one.
My goal since I first started my business was to be the 
“Affordable Alternative” to the high prices from the dealer.
Today, my goal is still valid and I keep improving it. To accomplish that I have invested not only in a state of the art repair shop facility, but also in factory diagnostic equipment. Facts that you can read about throughout this web site.
Now it is time for me to ask you for a big favor. Please take a moment of your time to answer following questions and when possible make your comments about them.

As I stated above, “your opinion” is what motivates me to the necessary improvements to my business