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We Service and Repair all Foreign and Domestic Automobiles

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Why Change?

You have been servicing all your automobiles at the dealer but now you are questioning their invoices.
have been servicing all your automobiles at your local gas station and now you are wondering if they are properly fixing your car or guessing the repairs, with your money at stake.

You have the right
 to question their higher bills.
Recently a returning customer opted to get a second opinion of the estimate that a BMW dealer gave on needed repairs for her 2006 325Xi.
She ended up saving over 40% on the repairs. Same original parts installed and more warranty. 


You have the right to know how the shop that you bring you car to be serviced or repair is maintained. What kind of diagnostic equipment they have and what their capabilities are to proper service and repair your car.

You have the right to be informed on the price and  quality of the  parts that will be installed in your car.
If you gas station gets their supplies from a local auto parts store, most likely you are paying too much for them.

Did you know that from the moment you walk into a new car dealer service department, everyone gets a part of your dollar? That is right, everyone works in a commission base, so from the Service Advisor to the Technician that works in your car everyone gets a commission. Talk about motivation to get your car fixed.

We need to charge for our services, we also look for needed services or repairs in your car,  but at the end of the day, we want to have a returning customer, someone that is happy with our services, our practices, our warranties and our prices. We’d love when our customers refer our shops to friends and relatives. We feel proud of what we do, the shop we have and  the tools that help us to properly repair automobiles. Tools and equipment that most shops don’t have, ergo, they cannot properly diagnose and repair your car.

You have the right to make questions.
You have the right to get answers

Exercise your right, and allways get a second opinion

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