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Customer Referral Reward Program

For many years my customers  have trusted me with their confidence that I will do an honest repair on their vehicles, at a fair price, installing the best quality parts at the most affordable price.
I have been blessed with the opportunity of have my own building in a new shop. And as an owner of a small business I have the same concerns that every one of my customers has, how to stay in business, be competitive, retain old customers and bring new ones in.

Unfortunately, when the times are tough, people look for the less expensive repairs, or less expensive shop change coupon arrives in the mail it is easy to look at the price and miss the big picture.
Shops that publicize an unrealistic price are deceiving those that fall for it. They are using that low price to get the person in  the door, and then they will sell unnecessary work, will install poor quality parts and gave them lousy always refused to do that and I will continue to do so.
My prices are fair and consistent with the local economy, I refuse to lower my standards or to be dishonest. My peace of mind and my reputation are more important than to rip somebody off with unnecessary work. All my loyal customers can vouch for that.

So, as a token of my appreciation, and in conjunction with Bosch Service every customer that refers a new customer will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to be used in a restaurant of his/her choice* gift

It is just that simple, refer someone, the new customer will tell us who refers him/her to us and we will mail you the gift certificate; and the new customer also will receive a $25 Gift Certificate.

* visit: for more details

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