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How much for an oil change?

Can you compare apples to apples and appreciate what you are getting for your money?

Our price is based on the time we spend on your car, and the quality of the products which we install.

Let’s start with the time:
At our welcome desk, we fill a repair order which allows us to begin work on your car. The vehicle is brought in by a technician, current mileage is recorded, and the service reminder on your dashboard is reset. The car is set on the lift and the hood is opened. A visual inspection is performed of the radiator, cooling level, brake reservoir level, battery water level, hoses and the transmission fluid condition and level. The drain plug threads are inspected and a new washer is installed. The new oil filter is installed (on most applications an original part is used). The tire air pressure is checked and adjusted as necessary. A visual inspection of the tires, suspension exhaust and a quick check of the brakes are done. The car is lowered, new oil is added, windshield washer fluid reservoir is topped off, wipers are inspected, door hinges are lubricated and a new reminder sticker is installed. The engine is started and shut off and the proper level of oil in the crankcase is checked. The hood is closed and the vehicle is parked outside. The technician will write what work was done, any notes or comments, and the repair order now becomes a final invoice. All of this work is performed for $19.92 in labor charge for most Asian and domestic cars. European car charges are higher due to extensive labor in removing undercarriage shields, and the time consumption involved in resetting the service reminders.

Sure, it is possible to receive an oil change for less money. The question is, who does the work, how is it done, what is done, and what kind of parts and fluids are used?

An original filter means that the manufacturer of the car approves that part and stands behind it. A poor quality filter is expensive only for you and not for the installer. Poor quality oil may be less expensive at the time of the oil change but may become expensive when a sludge build up or lack of proper lubrication may cause the need for a major repair.

Just remember all of the work that you are receiving for the $19.92 labor charge, and also remember that we install  oil that meet or exceed all car manufacturers specifications  and original filters.

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