61 John Street Amityville, NY 11701



Just a little about us and about me

This journey started almost thirty years ago, when I arrived in the United States with my wife, Lina, our two dogs and a dream.
Now, happily married to the same wife, with the faithful companionship of my two dogs(different ones though ), and the help of all my friends, all my loyal customers who believed in my honesty and dedication to my work, my current and past employees, the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, the New York Development association and the Small Business Administration, I can finally say my dream has come true.
This has been a journey filled with learning experiences, from my humble beginning, cleaning the floors in a shop in Hicksville to rebuilding all types of engines, from the simple VW bug to the sophisticated Porsche 911. I have worked in a BMW dealership and two Honda dealerships which taught me how to really be productive and pay attention to detail.  In the factory schools I learned new technologies and more importantly how to stay current.
In 1991, I opened Strictly Honda, with a partner.  Our name  became synonymous with affordability and good quality work, a reputation that I proudly maintain today.

We changed the name to Strictly H repairs which was required by American Honda as they needed to maintain a relationship with the dealers who felt threatened by our growing business.

In 2002, I became sole proprietor of Strictly and very quickly expanded to include other lines of cars. The downturn in the economy had a profound effect on my business. My customers have been affected and everything trickles down. Strictly H Repairs could not afford to stay in business and occur the high expenses in an outdated shop.

My wife and I debated about returning to the country we came from 30 years ago or to invest what little we had and join everyone in praying for a turn around of our nation’s economy.
It has been a very difficult year for us, the construction of my new building did not go as smooth as I’d wished or planned, but that is all behind us now.  The world keeps turning and I am looking ahead to  a new beginning.

And so the new beginning is upon us. Everyone who has seen our new  shop is impressed with it. I’m putting together 30 years of experience in what I believe will be the new trend in the auto repair industry.  Plenty of space, a clean, bright, work area for us, and for our customers - a comfortable waiting area.  We are close to main roads and next to the Amityville train station.
But the most important aspect is our capability to diagnose and repair all automobiles, placing emphasis  on our core line: Hondas and Acuras.
In the past year, I’ve purchase diagnostic equipment for Audi/Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo.
These tools are not one size fits all but individual scanners for each specific vehicle with the same characteristics as those used by the dealers. In addition we have many other scanners to help us diagnose our customers’ cars quickly and properly, eliminating the guess work and costly unnecessary repairs done by others shops who have not chosen to invest in the new diagnostic technology.

Our parts’ room is stocked with the most common parts used daily so we can service our customer's cars in the same day.

I strive to give my customer the best quality parts at the best possible price; our labor rate reflects our ability to trim down and avoid wasting time. If we can service the cars quickly and properly the first time, everybody wins. I personally spend a lot of time looking for the best price on the best parts so I can pass along that savings to my customers.
I thank all of you, my customers, for believing in me, for being loyal, for following me to my new home, even though the new shop might be farther from where you live.

I promise to keep being honest, to do the best possible work at the most affordable price, to keep up to date with new technology, to give my best advise, (when requested  or not) on any matters or subjects.

Thanks to all of you who have shared with me your opinions, your happiness, your sorrows. I'm thankful for the fond memories of all my customers that have passed through my doors. I remember you all.

You have all helped make my dream a reality.  Welcome to my new shop, my dream is now real and it is open for business.

William Lopez